What makes us unique

Koallah Farm is a family owned and operated business, committed to making our customer experience a unique one by offering: 

  • High Quality - we hand pick the highest quality stock from our free range, grass-fed cattle and lambs
  • Vacuum Packaging - keeps your meat fresher for longer
  • Quality Assurance - our on-site butchering facility ensures total control over your order
  • Purchasing Flexibility - subscription based purchasing options - order now, delivered as required.  Koallah Farm doesn’t want you to go to the fridge and see that it is bare, we can arrange for produce of your choice to be delivered to your door on a regular basis, this service can be changed/suspended at any time.  
  • Product Traceability - Cattle and lamb produced by Koallah Farm are raised and finished on the property.  All products can be traced to the animal and property of their origin, so you can be confident of its exceptional quality.
  • On-Farm Processing – our purpose built facility has been researched and developed in conjunction with our butcher, and of course the relevant health, safety and environmental standards.  This facility uses a state of the art waste management system, and also is fully sustained on rainwater captured in tanks from the roof of the facility.
  • Recipes / Guidance – being from the land, we have enjoyed the produce of our property for many years, and we have taken the time to share some of our secrets and family favourites.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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