Your privacy is important to us, and Koallah Farm is committed to protecting your privacy and this extends to any of our employees, agents, advisers and affiliates. 

Personal information collected from you in use of our service and our website is essential for us to accurately deliver and service your order.  Koallah Farm may use this information to make contact with you in the future to advise of promotional opportunities or general information about our operations.

Koallah Farm will not make your private details available to third party service providers unless you specifically request it.

Information presented by Koallah Farm is provided as a service only, and can change without notice.  We exercise great care in posting information, however take no responsibility for accuracy or completness of information reproduced from other sources.  Koallah Farm denies any liability for loss or damage to any person whether caused directly or indirectly by the use of any of the information provided.

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