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Is Simply Free Range's meat organic?

Our meat is not organic, however we use no growth hormones or antibiotics to breed and prepare our animals.  They all just have a diet of grass - the way that nature intended.  We also do not finish our animals on grain.

What breed are your Beef Cattle and Lambs?

Beef - Angus Hereford X, Lambs - Dorset Lambs

How are your animals slaughtered and where?

Our animals are processed at our own fully accredited, on farm abattoir at Koallah Farm.  Each animal is stunned, and then 'stuck', which is currently recommended as the most humane way to perform this task in Australia.  All animals must be slaughtered at a fully registered and accredited abattoir.

How long are your Beef and Lambs hung prior to preparation and packing?

Beef - minimum 10 days hanging time, with a maximum of 3 weeks dependant on demand.

Lambs - these are packed and prepared the week that they are returned from slaughter.

Where is my order prepared?

Your order will be prepared by our fully qualified butcher who manages our purpose built facility on Koallah Farm.  This facility is PrimeSafe accredited (P01122) and contains all of the butchering equipment and vacuum packaging machines to provide a premium finished product. 

How long will the meat last in the vacuum packaging?

Product keeps for 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator (<4 degrees).  Vacuum packaging can be used in your freezer, if the seal breaks then freeze or use within 24 hours.  For further information visit: -

How does the delivery process work for my meat delivery?

Koallah Farm deliver every Wednesday and Saturday between 7:00am and 5:00pm.  We will advise you with a 2 hour delivery window the day before your selected delivery day.  

If you are not going to be home at the time of your set delivery window, you may leave an eski out for our delivery driver to put your order in, but you will need to ensure payment has been received.

How long do I cook that cut for, and where on the animal does it come from?

The easiest way to answer both of these questions is by referring to "A practical guide to cooking Australian Beef and Lamb", which is accessible via the following link at

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