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Lamb: Half Lamb

Lamb: Half Lamb

As advertised the half lamb pack has a great selection of premium lamb cuts. The total weight of this pack will be approximtately 7kg, which has been based on a lamb carcass weight of approximately 22kg.  These weights may vary at the time of filling your order.  

The RRP of $150 is based on these cuts from a 22kg lamb carcass weight.

There are no substitution of cuts of this pack.

Pack Price $200.00

Pack details

Rolled Lamb Shoulder 1
Mini Lamb Roast 1
Leg Of Lamb - Easy Carve 1
Lamb Shank 1
Lamb Rack (8 Point) 1
Lamb Loin Chops 6
Lamb & Rosemary Sausage - Thick 8
Diced Lamb (500gm) 1
Bag of Bones - Lamb 1


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